Postpartum hair clumps

Everyone talks about Postpartum depression, postpartum body, but does anyone really talk about Postpartum hair loss ?

Let me just first say that it is NORMAL. During pregnancies women do not lose much hair. After having a baby hair tends to just fall out A LOT. Mine was clumps in the shower. It doesn't help that I only have time to wash my hair around 2-3 times a week after having a baby. I kid you not my pile of hair in the shower *may* have looked like a small animal to others in my household. On a daily basis an average woman loses 80+ hair strands a day. Postpartum it is even more. Do not panic, it almost always will grow back. Mine stopped falling out at around 8 months after having my baby. It is now growing back in these tiny baby hairs which look like my 3 year old cut my bangs.

Just for proof here are two photos documenting my hair loss.

This pictures was around 5 months postpartum.

pp hairloss

This picture was 10 months postpartum ( this morning )


Another one of those things that people don't share about having a baby. Of course it is all worth it in the end ;)

~ Melissa Girlstylst