My hair product at home

As I am always cleaning my house, I came across my mounds of hair product today. 22 to be exact ( this does not count travel and shampoo and conditioners ). Sooooo I have some favorites, some freebies I've received and some leftover discontinued products from my Salon. 

Sooooooo here is how my current stash looks in my bathroom:


First off most importantly here are my dry shampoo's lol :

photo 2 (1).JPG

My favorite from left to right: Davines Hair refresher, Alterna Bamboo Cleanse Extend, Surface Trinity Dry shampoo, Matrix Clean Remix, Bedhead Rockaholic, Redken Powder Refresh. The last three I could do without.

Here is my second group of products ( fav from left to right ):


Davines Defining Hairpsray ( was discontinued but is a good hairspray ), Alterna Boho Waves ( a good sea salt spray ), Davines Melu Serum for split ends, Bamboo uplifting root blast ( use for lift at roots ), Pureology In charge hair spray and Bamboo Kendi Oil ( Leftover from the salon. I like it but too heavy for my hair ). 

Following products are leave in conditioners that I use in the summer or when I cut my kids' hair.

prod 1.jpg

Hemp z leave in detangler ( too sweet smelling for me ), 12 benefits  healthy hair treatment, Davines Su body & hair oil, Pureology Essential Repair Colour Max. I would say out of all of them 12 benefits is my favorite leave in conditioner. I use it only when I cut my boys' hair or when I forget to put conditioner in someones hair. For how many deep conditioners I have, we don't use them very often........

So last but not least these are products I could do without ( for my hair type of course )


From left to right: 

Awapuhi Hydrocream whip ( good to plump up the hair but I rarely blow dry my hair ), Bamboo Luminous shine mist weighs down my hair, Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion ( love this stuff but it is better layered with prep which I don't have ), Pureology Essential Repair ( a good product but I forget to use it on my ends ), Awapuhi Styling treatment Oil ( a good oil for maybe thicker hair ), Bamboo Volumizing Liquid Powder ( great volumizer but I can feel it too much in my hair ). Strangely I love product but don't like it to " feel " like there is product in my hair.

So there ya go ! I also had a nail polish remover, old perfume and mac brush cleaner in my bin. Think I will be purging some of these products. Let me know if you have any questions, just leave a comment on this post. 

~ Melissa