Who is coloring your hair ?

Who is coloring your hair ? Are they knowledgeable? Use good color and product?  My client "R" started coming to me last August. Her hairdresser of 10+ years had been doing her hair. Somehow she completely melted her hair off in MANY areas. I was SHOCKED to say the least. 

I feel like I have worked with such talented hairstylists that I forget that there are some stylists out there that don't have the talent and just don't care. 

Here is a picture of her hair TODAY after using Davines products for months. So in this picture her hair is longer and healthier then it was 6 months ago.  Do you see the melted blond piece ? 


She has used Davines Melu Shampoo and Conditioner and Davines Oi shampoo and conditioner along with Oi Milk ( acts as a leave in conditioner ) and Davines Oi. I think she also used Davines Nou Nou Pak deep conditioner.


Her goal last year was to have overall red color with blond highlights. This is what she ended up with. Broken blond pieces all throughout her hair with a orange/red color.

The first time she came to me I told her I would not put color through her ends ( honesty is my middle name ).   I touched up her roots and sent her home with a lot of Davines product to begin repairing her hair. Finally six months later I was able to color her whole head and give her some caramel highlights with a rich brown.


Ideally she would like her highlights to be a little lighter but she knew it was baby steps. 


She was THRILLED with her hair, as was I. Its finally feeling and looking healthy. In 8 weeks when I see her again I think we will FINALLY have gotten rid of all the old color. So total it will have taken 10 months for her hair to recover from the bad color job.

Moral of the story is: know who is coloring your hair or make sure they have been recommended. Not everyone has the passion, love and talent for hair color <3