Kitchen scissors for haircuts ?

Ok, raise your hand if you have ever cut someones hair with a $ 5 pair of kitchen scissors ??  Does it do the job ? Or does it not cut the exact way you want it to ?

Most likely they did not cut well. They are dull and meant for cutting paper and cost $ 5.

In this picture there are 3 scissors: $ 5, $ 150 and $ 700. Do you see a diference ? The blades are different widths, lengths, smoothness and different angles 

The scissors on the left are my absolute favorite shears for cutting hair. They are smooth and precise when I cut hair and are the perfect length for texturizing. I dropped them a few weeks ago and I had to pay $ 35 to have them " sharpened/fixed ". I could buy 7 pairs or scissors on the right with that money. 

Moral of the story is: Don't cut your hair at home but IF you are going to at least go to Sally's and buy a pair of resonably priced shears.  A decent pair of scissors will help SO much.

Also did you know that in order to become a hair stylist in California you have to complete 1600 hours of education and something crazy like 100 + haircuts before you are licensed ? 

Trust us, we know what we are doing...

- signed put down those scissors at home and reach out to a stylist :)